The Awards


The Awards

Ollie New Play Award

Our inaugural award, The Ollie Award, supports expansive, idea-driven artworks with inherently theatrical ways of illuminating big ideas and concepts. This award is intended for an early-career playwright to write a hugely ambitious new play. We encourage these works to grapple with concepts and ideas that move the world, and approach them from a new perspective. Works might interrogate topics as multivalent as: science, history, philosophy, gender, race, politics, sexual orientation, technology, religion, money, global warming, and medicine, among others. We are looking for proposals which expand the boundaries of the art form and bring new subjects, ideas and metaphors to light. With your help, the Foundation will become a forum for stimulating voices in the theatre, nurturing bold new artists and incubating work that will influence the cultural conversation.


Tooth of Time Distinguished Career Award

The “Tooth of Time” award is intended to honor a theatre artist who has had a substantial and important career of “idea-driven” works. The awardee will use this grant to create a new work, and we hope that the “Tooth of Time” will encourage theatre artists and audiences alike to engage with the titans of the art form in a new way, and celebrate their contributions to the field. The quote comes from Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure: “a forted residence ‘gainst the tooth of time / and razure of oblivion.” We hope our award will provide that forted residence, to allow those who have devoted their lives to the theatre a respite to re-engage with their work and create something new. Often our culture celebrates the new and emerging artist and forgets to cultivate our most beloved writers who have accomplished the feat of duration and longevity. This award will give attention and opportunity to older writers who have made a significant impact on the field.


Vivace Musical Theatre Award

Bret and Paul were great lovers of musical theatre. Our Musical Theatre Award, Vivace, will be given to one musical theatre artist or musical theatre team to create an “idea-driven” piece as outlined in our mission statement above. We embrace diverse artists from all disciplines of the genre. We want to give the award to an artist who has the ability to create a musical with a big idea at its center, and music as its heart and soul. Yes, we are in need of big ideas and visionary new work, but as the award is called Vivace, our new musical should also make us want to get up and dance. Let’s try to expand our conception of what “musical theatre” can be. We have no requirements for the form or genre of a musical submission. We prefer that every element of the piece be original to the team and unwritten at the time of their submission (i.e., no jukebox musicals) - however, if you have a great idea that includes existing material, please let us know. We want to be receptive to every great idea that comes our way.