Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept unsolicited submissions?


At this time, the Foundation only accepts nominations from our Board of Artistic Advisors. 

Are you affiliated with Bret Adams, Ltd. Agency?  Can I contact you for representation?

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 endowed with a bequest from the late Mr. Adams' estate.  We do not represent artists, and artists who are represented by other agencies are eligible for the award.  Bret Adams, Ltd. clients are ineligible for the award.


What do you mean, "idea play"?

We encourage our funded works to grapple with concepts and ideas that move the world, and approach them from a new perspective. This could include, but is not limited to: science, history, philosophy, gender, race, politics, sexual orientation, technology, religion, money, global warming, or medicine.

Do you grant to other nonprofits or to teams of more than one artist?

We only award to individual artists, but if the awardee chooses to use their money to collaborate with another artist or company, that is up to them.